What Even Is...?

What Even Is Hanukkah? with Rabbi Greg Hersh

November 24, 2021 Season 3 Episode 28
What Even Is...?
What Even Is Hanukkah? with Rabbi Greg Hersh
Show Notes

In today's episode, host Donna Truong answers "What Even is Hanukkah?" with What Even Is...?'s first returning guest - Rabbi Greg Hersh of Temple Emmanuel of Wakefield, MA!

They speak about:

  • the Hanukkah menorah
  • the Hanukkah story that started it all
  • Hanukkah meaning in Hebrew
  • How long does Hanukkah last
  • and more!

Prior to graduating from Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Rabbi Greg Hersh earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion at George Washington University. After college, Rabbi Hersh lived in a Buddhist monastery in Southeast Asia and explored the Buddhist and eastern philosophies. After, Rabbi Hersh found Reconstructionist Judaism and decided to become a rabbi.

He now is the rabbi of Temple Emmanuel of Wakefield and works part-time at the Burning Bush Adventures, where he takes Jewish people out in the wilderness.

Check out the Temple Emmanuel of Wakefield website (https://www.wakefieldtemple.org/) and the Burning Bush Adventures website (https://burningbushadventures.com/).

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